Ewopharma launches new Corporate Design


Schaffhausen, 12th April 2019 – Getting 60 years in 2019 Ewopharma decided for a new appearance. The adjustments that have been made are a cautious and contemporary development – an evolution not a revolution.

The new corporate design coincides with Ewopharma’s expanding role as the trusted partner for medical marketing and consumer health-brand management for Central Eastern Europe and Switzerland – from market access to full commercialization. Our expertise, flexible structures, and customer approach form the foundation for long-term collaborations that benefit all parties. Our activities allow our business partners to gain access to patients and reach more people with their products, whether pharmaceuticals or consumer health.

From the start, Ewopharma’s focus has been on building a bridge to the pharmaceutical markets of Central Eastern Europe. Much has changed in the region since 1959 – both economically and politically – and over this period, Ewopharma has gained an in-depth understanding of the markets and an esteemed standing there.



Our new logo
Why do drops form into a ball? Why are planets round? Nature strives for the perfect shape, which is the circle. Ewopharma strives towards perfection, too. This is why we put ewopharma into the centre of a circle and because the circle has been a key element of our long-term logo. Hence, we also take parts of our heritage with us on the journey into the future.
A circle also symbolizes time and change. The new logo with the addition “since 1959” reflects Ewopharma’s long tradition, our successful market presence as well as our expertise.

With the Swiss cross, Ewopharma wants to give an impression of Swissness. Just like Switzerland, we bring together the stability afforded by our long history and the flexibility ensured by a modern, agile approach and efficient decision-making processes.

Petrol is an extremely elegant and profound colour. It initiates reflection but also appears as friendly, natural, inartificial and safe.

Our new website
Our new website reflects Ewopharma’s mission to be the innovative partner for the marketing of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products in Central Eastern Europe and Switzerland. It was our aim to create a valuable source of information for our business partners and customers.